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By Appointment:

Private Dance Lessons for Adults and Kids
All levels, absolute beginning and up

Learn Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Blues, Salsa, Club Dances and more.
Email us for details 

Sunday Classes:

Beginning & Intermediate classes, Sunday afternoons in the U District.
Univeresity Heights Community Center, 5031 University Way NE, Seattle 98105

Next Series — December 8, 15, 22      3 classes, 1-1/2 hours each,  $59 

Singles and couples welcome.     Pre-registration required.

2:15-3:45PM  East Coast Swing 1.5   Triple time — We’ll start at the very beginning of the world’s most popular swing dance — dancing to a wide variety of swingable music from Rock & Roll to R&B, Rock, and more. We take our time, keep it light, and explain and practice as needed to keep everyone coming along. And we all laugh a lot.  It’s about the fun. 
Previous dance experience required. More Info and Register Here.


Monday Night Drop-In Class and Practica: 

Our Monday night pre-dance class and dance at the Latvian Center are on hold until January while our newly refinished dance floor cures and the air clears. 

In the meantime, we’ll keep the class going at University Heights Community Center followed by a practica — an informal, very relaxed time to learn something new and practice what we’re learning.   

Beginner-Friendly Class    Everyone Welcome 

Beginners, Experienced Dancers, Singles, Couples — Join any time

Class and Practica: Latin Series — Salsa, Tango and Rumba

We’ll spend 3-4 weeks on each dance, starting at the beginning. As always, we’ll teach to the students standing in front of us, going as fast or slow as needed to bring everyone along while offering new, interesting material to more experienced dancers, as well.


  October 28, November 4 — Salsa

Present day Salsa is the daughter of 1950s Mambo, a dance taken from Afro-Cuban music and dance, and “Americanized” with the help of Cuban and Puerto Rican dancers in New York. We’ll start by finding the Salsa rhythm in our bodies — because everything flows from there in this energetic dance — and then we'll learn a basic step and enough fun, new variations to dance through a song, or an evening. 

Here’s an example of the complex and driving rhythms that make it impossible to sit still when you hear them. “Hueso y Pellejo,” by Celia Cruz, of the Fania All Stars.



 November 18, 25, December 2 — Intro to Tango 

Tango aka “Argentine Blues.” (Spoken with a twinkle in the eye 😉). It’s true that this dance is “just walking" — but it’s walking like you’ve never done down the street….And that’s where the fun comes in. This dance is simple and complex, sultry and sweet, compliant and rebellious, serious,dramatic…and playful in it’s own unique way.

Tango can be danced to all kinds of music, from classic Argentine, to tango music from around the world, like this one. "Electrocutango,” from Norwegian artist, Felino, on Putumayo: Tango Around the World.

While we’ve studied Tango over a good number of years, we would never presume to call ourselves serious tango teachers. We haven’t put in the ten+ years of religious devotion
required for that. We
have learned enough to make us dangerous to serious tangeros and approachable to un-serious tango wanna-be's. So come mess around and have fun exploring tango moves and styling — enough to find your favorite tango move and be able to throw it into another dance, or even get through a whole song at a dance. After all, it is about the fun.


December 9, 16 — Rumba 

The Rumba we know in this country is a sweet, slow, dance done primarily in a box pattern of quick and slow steps, to lovely music with Afro-Cuban rhythms and instrumentation.  We’ll start with the feel of the rhythm and apply the basic and some graceful variations you can use to create your own sweet dances.  Here’s the feel of Rumba in a song by the Buena Vista Social Club, “Chan Chan." 


General Class Details:

Who: All are welcome — beginners, singles, couples, experienced dancers...

When: Monday 7:15-9:00 PM  (about 45 minute class/1 hour open practica)

Where: University Heights Community Center
            5031 University Way NE  Seattle  98105

How Much: $10 

Classes are drop-in, no pre-registration, just show up

Followed by a weekly practica

In Class we start each dance style at the very beginning, and instruction progresses over several weeks, through musical rhythms, basic movements and steps, fun, easy variations, styling, skills and techniques of the dance. 

Our approach to dance is easy-going, friendly, and light-hearted.  This is supposed to be fun! — And we play together to make it that way.

We also recognize different individual experience levels and learning curves, so we often offer options at various levels during class.  Choose the option that suits you in the moment.

You’re welcome to begin at any time. You don’t have to wait for the beginning of a new session. Start when it works for you, come when you can, pay only for the classes you actually take and stay and dance, ‘cause you already paid for it. And besides, you’ll learn faster, and it’s FUN! (remember?)

We happily accommodate new students and returning students after an absence — if you start after the beginning of a class session — come a few minutes early and we’ll help you catch up.

Come learn a new dance, a new role, or more about a dance you know. 
Then stay for the practica.  We’ll be happy to see you! You’ll be glad you came! 


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